Tracy Algar

Taking 2023 by the horns

New Year Intentions

We’ve all had a strange few years and I’ve been feeling out of sorts for at least the last four. Time for a fresh new start with the New Year. Cobwebs well and truly blown off. Here’s what I intend to do with 2023.

Plein air painting with Matt in Stanford
Painting with a friend, Matt. Photograph by Marlene Gracie’s brother.


In 2022 I focused on experimenting and created the majority of artworks in my sketchbook. Consequently I didn’t have very many paintings to sell at the end of the year. I aim to completely turn that around this coming year by painting at least five times as many paintings as I did in 2022. Sounds like a lot? I think I can do it.

Goal: 104 paintings


I haven’t travelled for years. It’s time to have some adventures.

Goal: 2 painting trips

Plein air painting workshop at The Zesty Lemon near Stanford
Woman’s Day Workshop at The Zesty Lemon 2022. Photograph by Linden Morris.


At least one two-day plein air workshop in the Stanford area.

An online workshop later in the year.

Monday morning painting class at Egret & the Owl Book Café. Photograph by Annalize Mouton.


Monday morning painting classes at Egret & the Owl Book Café start on the 9th of January and continue for the year.


I’ve invested in a GoPro to make more plein air painting videos. Now I’d better use it. Expect to see more on my YouTube channel in the next few weeks.

See my latest video:

Can I do it?

I imagine so. I’ve taken a few days over the festive season to do the planning and see what I can fit in. My biggest challenge is to stay motivated and keep up momentum.

Do you have big plans for 2023?