Painting Classes to continue, Egret & the Owl, Stanford

Apr 15, 2022

Thanks to the enthusiasm of the students, and Annalize and Greta of Egret & the Owl Book Café, painting sessions on Monday mornings will be ongoing.

Here are the details for those interesting in joining us:

Mondays at 10am at Egret & the Owl Book Café, Morton Street, Stanford. (Sessions are officially two hours, but we often stay a bit longer).

You will need to bring your own art supplies.
Click here for the art supplies list.

We work in acrylic paint.

R200 per session.

Painting classes in Stanford

We will use the fundamentals of painting (value, composition and colour) to guide us through various painting projects including landscapes, still lives and figure painting.

As these classes evolve over time with the needs of the students, we will be doing bigger projects that span a few weeks.

Beginners are welcome.

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