Stanford Nocturne

Stanford Nocturne is a series of night time villagescapes started during the hot summer of 2023 when, instead of painting en plein air, I decided to wander the Stanford village streets at night taking photographs of interesting and enchanting scenes, and then paint those scenes back in the relative cool of my cottage.

Sunset, Stanford - Tracy Algar = Stanford Nocturne

Sunset, Stanford – SOLD

As my painting practice has developed, I’ve become more interested in tonalism, and these night scenes give me the opportunity to flex my colour muscles and practice tonal expression within an even more limited palette than I usually paint with.

I find the effect absolutely charming, especially loving the blending of purples and burnt sienna in Sunset, Queen Victoria Street.

As I am painting most of these paintings in the studio, I am working bigger on occasion and allowing myself a little more time to complete them. This allows me scope to use different techniques to my more practical alla prima style of painting for working outdoors.

2023 – present