Next workshop: Simplify the Landscape,18th & 19th April, Fork & Farm, Stanford – click here for more info

Classes & Workshops

Painting classes in Stanford with Tracy Algar

Weekly Painting Class

Monday 10 am – 12 noon
Morton Square
Morton Street

R200 per class, payable monthly up-front
Paint in oil or acrylic paint.

Email or WhatsApp if you would like to join the class.


What You’ll Learn in this Class

Painting basics: value, colour, composition.

How to use value studies to effectively plan your paintings and increase your chances of a successful painting.

How to use a limited palette to create more harmonious paintings.

How to create effects of light and shadow with colour temperature and value.

Beginners are welcome!

Upcoming Workshops

Simplify the Landscape
2-day plein air painting workshop
18th & 19th April 2024
Fork & Farm, Stanford
Click here for more info.
Please email or WhatsApp 084 584 3757 to enquire or book.

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