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At the time I started painting this little Stanford landscape, I was walking this path daily. It’s a few month’s later as I post this here, and my Wandelpad walks have slacked off a bit. The past few months have been a time of tumultuous change, something I apparently specialise in! Needless to say, I’ve stomped, skipped and ambled this path hundreds of times as I’ve processed what the past month’s have presented. The Wandelpad has many faces. I love this particular face.

I finished this painting a few days ago in/on my new stoep-studio. It’s about time. Things are settling down a bit for me, there’s a workshop on the near horizon at last, and I hope to spend many more hours on the Wandelpad this summer, painting the always inspiring Stanford landscape.

A shining triangle of green peeks through a dark tangle of vegetation as you approach down the path. As you get closer, you see that it is the grass on the other side of a green archway over the path.

ALGAR Wandelpad #1 2021
Wandelpad #1, oil on stretched canvas, 20 x 20 cm, available from Journey, Stanford.

To view, please visit Journey at 13 Queen Victoria Street, Stanford.

If you are from too far away to come into Journey, please contact me at hello@tracyalgar.com for more information about this piece.


20% off your first purchase when you subscribe

The Dip, Stanford - oil painting by Tracy Algar

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