Wandelpad #2

© Tracy Algar, Wandelpad 2. Oil on canvas, 30 x 20 cm.

Wandelpad #2 is a plein air painting that I painted on the Stanford Wandelpad in spring last year

I’d been anticipating this painting outing for a while. I’d scouted the location, checked the weather forecast daily, and waited patiently for the portable palette box I was having made to be ready for me to pick up.

Finally all pieces were in place and the morning light beckoned me up the hill to this scene. I set up in the shadow of the tree to be able to see my canvas in the bright light.

As is usual in a village like Stanford, a number of familiar folks stopped to chat on their morning walks, and see what I was doing. I am so glad I have stopped caring about people watching me paint. Or have I?

The hardest part of painting en plein air (outdoors), is deciding on where those shadows and highlights are going to go while the landscape changes by the minute. I take a photograph as soon as I’ve made up my mind to ensure I have a reference, especially if I end up finishing the piece back at the studio.

This piece is part of my Stanford series, exploring the landscapes of the village and surrounds with a particular focus on shadows and light.


About this painting

Oil on stretched canvas
20 x 30 cm

This painting is available from Journey in Stanford. If you’re not in Stanford, you can view it online here.