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Women’s Day Landscape Painting Workshop

This Women’s Day, I will be teaching a Landscape Painting Workshop at the beautiful Zesty Lemon Restaurant just outside Stanford on the Sir Robert Stanford Estate.

Come and join me for a full day of plein air painting in the stunning gardens with views across the vineyards to the mountains, or semi-outdoors (still with fabulous views) from the comfort of the restaurant if the weather throws us a curveball.

Working in oils or acrylics (your choice – you bring your own art supplies), we will explore a variety of techniques for applying paint quickly and effectively to capture the colour, light and textures of the farmlands and mountains.

I will teach the workshop through a series of demonstrations, one-on-one tuition and discussions, guiding you through my step-by-step approach of choosing a composition, mixing colour and achieving depth and distance in your landscape painting.

Recommended supplies list:

  • Whatever paints you already have (oil or acrylic). I will be painting with Zellen Zelcol Artist’s Oil paints. Zellen also does a good range of acrylics (Zelcryl), or Iris acrylics will work well too.
    • Recommended colours are: titanium white, yellow ochre, cadmium yellow, arylamide yellow lemon, burnt sienna, alizarin crimson (or similar cool red), ultramarine blue and phthalo blue
    • Mediums for oil painting: Zelkin (or another alkyd resin based medium) or your medium of choice.
    • Mediums for acrylic painting: an acrylic retarder will help extend the drying time of your acrylic paint which will be useful if it is a warm day.
  • A range of brushes: bring whatever you have, but a variety of sizes if possible
    • hog hair brushes, preferably flats sizes 2, 4 and 6 for oil painting
    • hog hair or taklon brushes, preferably flats sizes 2, 4 and 6 for acrylic painting
  • Substrate: choose whichever you prefer
    • canvas, canvas board or primed panel
    • no larger than 30 x 40cm
    • square or rectangular depending on your preference
  • A container for cleaning brushes:
    • a glass jar (with lid) filled half-way with turps or odourless mineral spirits for oil painting
    • an empty yoghurt container for acrylic painting
  • Palette:
    • disposable palette or wooden palette for oil painting
    • disposable palette or clean, white polystyrene food tray, or a white plastic or enamel flat plate or tray for acrylic painting
  • Rags or roll of paper towel
  • A small/medium palette knife for mixing colour and for small details
  • An apron or smock to protect your clothing
  • A sun hat and sunscreen, and a wind-breaker for just in case
  • A 4B pencil
  • A field easel or table easel (if you have one, this is optional)

I will supply cartridge paper for initial thumbnails and value sketches.

If you have questions or to book, please contact me on 084 584 3757 or