Little Paintings of BIG Landscapes

South African artist Tracy Algar creates plein air landscape paintings.

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I enjoy painting outdoors, so most of my paintings and sketches are at least started out on location.

Painting outdoors from life gives another dimension to a landscape, by putting the artist out in the landscape that they are painting, more senses come into play and the artwork will consequently not be as flat as a painting copied from a photograph.

Small plein air paintings

© Tracy Algar, View from Annie's Stoep. Oil on canvas board, 30x30cm.

Current Exhibition

Stanford Super Seven

Intethe Gallery

Stanford Valley Country Lodge
R326, Stanford

From August 2023 – ongoing

All enquiries to Intethe Gallery
083 449 5340

Recent Exhibitions


The DOOS Gallery, Knysna. 28 July – 15 August 2023

Baardskeerdersbos Art Route

Foxglove Farm Gallery (guest of Jan Vingerhoets), Baardskeerdersbos. 15 – 16 April 2023

Stanford Culinary Festival

Journey, Stanford. 29 September – 2 October 2022

Tracy Algar plein air painter

About Tracy Algar

I am a plein air painter, which means that I paint outdoors, on location. I am inspired by the magnificence of nature and strive to capture the essence of a landscape in a small format.

My paintings are small enough to carry, but big enough to inspire a sense of place.

Come and explore the world with me, one small painting at a time.


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