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Kleinrivier #1 by Tracy Algar - oil on canvas

Stanford Series

Exploring a sense of place and belonging.

I am in love with these mountains. They are what brought me to Stanford eight years ago.

They are also what provoked the question in me of what it means to belong to a place.

And how do you start belonging, if you have come here from many places else?

This ongoing series is the result of my efforts to learn the many faces of my beloved. To feel the rhythm of their heartbeat and the soft caress of their breath on my cheek. To meet them in all seasons and know them completely. To create a connection and belonging that will always exist.

It is an intimate look at Stanford, the place where I finally feel at home. It is the process of me painting myself permanently into the landscape of these mountains, this river and the community that has welcomed me and held me through the stormy nights (a tad dramatic perhaps, but it’s been a crazy couple of years for us all, hasn’t it?)



20% off your first purchase when you subscribe

The Dip, Stanford - oil painting by Tracy Algar

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