Stanford Super Seven Exhibition

Intethe Gallery at Stanford Valley Country Lodge

From August 2023 (ongoing)


The Caravan at Foxglove Farm, Baardskeerdersbos
Oil on canvas board
25 x 20 cm
View from Misty Mountain Farm Stall #2. Oil on canvas panel, 20 x 15 cm
View from Misty Mountains Farm Stall #2
Oil on canvas board
20 x 15 cm

Introduction by Barbara Lindop of Intethe Art Gallery:

Ssss…. NO! it’s not a snake, it’s the sounds of introducing the Stanford Super Seven (SSS) to Intethe’s Gallery housed at Stanford Valley Country Lodge.

Seven artists residing in and near to Stanford, each produce innovative creativity inspired from the magical surrounds of this country village.

The Gallery, situated in an 18th C Barn, once horse stables, with huge tree trunks that were felled to hold up the ceiling, confirm that even then, Nature was clearly for the taking, rather than for nurturing. Now, when the swallows return from their summer sojourn in Europe, they think nothing of popping into this welcoming space, to admire the contemporary art that decorates those forbears’ building achievements. They too will be able to celebrate and enjoy the inventiveness of their fellow residents observing and recording the landscape, in which they swirl and dive with such freedom.
The rolling hills, defining the Stanford District, created when the voluminous volcanic rocks ran out of fury and steam, 10 million years ago, leaving an afterthought of gentle curves and turns. This landscape now survives, made only in one’s imaginary dreams. Here, a rich variety of flora and vegetation flourish despite of, or maybe encouraged by the winds that often whirl, blowing seeds, animals, hair and humans in all directions.

The cool sea breezes not far away, relieve the searingly hot summer days and lighten the chilly winters. The cliffs‘ caves above the shoreline housed men, their families and animals 70000 years ago and their cairns lie at the highest point of the landscape, adding to the sense of ancient time and beauty that pervades this wonderland.

After the wintery rainfall, these mountainous ripples transform into emerald greens of wheatfields, cadmium yellows of canola fields, contrasted against cerulean blue skies with the odd puffs of white cotton wool skating through the air.
In this perfect harmony of nature untouched and untrammelled, seven artists, all self-taught, have found their way to live in the hidden paradise of Stanford, there to ply their burgeoning artistic talent to share with their audience.

St.Thomas’ Church, Stanford is described in a limited palette of colour, focussing on the play of light and shadow against the solidity of the old, hewn stone church building. The purple toned shadows of the old palm tree and its leaves dance against the golden wall, whilst the bright green grass below is intercepted by the shadows cast from tree above. The motionless solidity and stillness of the old building suggests the many generations who have come and gone.

Tracy Algar has explored the landscape around Stanford for almost a decade, specialising in oils and preferring to paint her subject matter en plein air. Like her early 20th century forbears, she too finds direct observation facilitates her understanding of depth, pattern, and that the rapidly changing atmospheric quality of colour changes as light shifts.

The SSS Group at Intethe comprise artists Sara Abbott, Tracy Algar, Marian Binder, Josie De Villiers, Sanette Du Toit, Yoco Reijn and Lily Upton.

Intethe Gallery at Stanford Valley Guest Lodge
R326, Stanford, Western Cape, South Africa

Visitor Tips

Combine a visit to the gallery at Stanford Valley with a delicious meal at the acclaimed Manor House Restaurant. Open from Wednesday evening 5pm to Sunday lunch. Booking is recommended.