The Dip Stanford

The Dip, Stanford - Oil on canvas - 30x30cm
The Dip, Stanford – Oil on canvas – 30x30cm – ZAR 1,150

I’ve been thinking about painting the dip for a while, and I think I’ll be painting it again. It’s so very Stanford, one of the entrances to the Wandelpad, and a favourite skating haunt of local kids, young and old.

I painted this piece in the studio from a photograph I took on a walk.

Available for sale. Shipping is included within South Africa. International shipping quotes are available on request.

Inspiration in Stanford village: the shadows in ‘The Dip’

The shadows across Queen Victoria Street always catch my attention as I drive through the dip on my way to the shops, or walk through it on my way down to the river.

I walked down to the dip to photograph it from both sides, and at various points up and down each side.

The Dip, Queen Victoria Street, Stanford
Looking down into the dip from the corner of Queen Victoria and Church Streets.
The Dip, Queen Victoria Street, Stanford
A bit further down into the dip, this is from the corner of Queen Vic and Caledon Street.
The Dip, Queen Victoria Street, Stanford
The composition I chose, right down at the Protea Road corner.

Tools + Materials

Zelcol artist oil paints in ultramarine blue, alizarin crimson, burnt sienna, acrylamide yellow light, cadmium yellow medium, yellow ochre and titanium white.

Zellen cold wax medium

Dale artist’s canvas panel

Daler + Rowney filbert natural bristle brush size 8
Dynasty filbert natural bristle brush size 4

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